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Recent enquiries
  • Annual accounts - Residential rental, Sole Trader (T/O £300K+)


    Residential rental accounts. Accountants or person with bookkeeping or admin skills sufficient for the...

  • Accountant - Food, Ltd (T/O £340K)


    Quarterly accounts, tax and final accounts for Ltd company. Work can be done remotely, but you need to...

  • Accountant - Food consultant, Ltd start up


    I am a new food safety consultant and I am looking for an accountant to do my tax, annual accounts and...

  • Annual accounts - Consulting, Ltd (T/O £100K+)


    Looking for help with annual report.

  • Annual report - Consultants, Ltd shut down


    My company has been set up for trading as a consultant. I would like to close the company now. The last...

  • Accounts, PAYE, VAT retuns - Landscape services, Ltd

    South Kesteven

    Landscape services. 12 weeks account submission, PAYE, VAT returns, yearly audit of accounts.

  • Accountant - Register Holding Co. & issue new shares (T/O £5M+)


    I am looking for accountancy advice relating to registering a holding company and issuing new shares...

  • Accountant - Music business, Ltd

    Waltham Forest

    Music business. To submit tax returns and annual accounts for the company.

  • Annual accounts & VAT - Construction, Ltd


    For help with VAT returns and end of year accounts.

  • Accounts & tax return (1st year of tading) - Retail, Ltd


    I require an accountant that can do my tax return. This is my first year trading.

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