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Recent enquiries
  • Accounts, P&L, payroll, pension & advice on tax + dividends - Financial Services, Ltd (T/O £300K+)

    South Gloucestershire

    Annual accounts, Profit & loss, Dividends advice, Monthly payroll, Employer pension, Tax advice.

  • Accounts, tax returns, books, VAT & payroll for 5 - Training & staffing, Ltd (T/O £100K+)

    Barking and Dagenham

    Offering training and staffing to a social care company. Looking for assistance with the following: annual...

  • Annual accounts & tax returns - Medical/Care, Ltd

    Edinburgh, City of

    I have to do tax returns and accounts, but I don't know how. I'm in need of accounting assistance.

  • Sage MTD accounts - Arable farm, General partnership (T/O £160K)


    300 acre arable farm in east County Down. Sage MTD accounts. Turnover 160K. Current accountants in...

  • Accountant - Contractor in Medical/Care, Ltd setup


    I'm contracted full time in NHS and I'm working for an agency, and in addition to that, I'm just about...

  • Accountant - Property investment, Ltd


    I'm moving from my current accountant, need quotes from accounting and tax advice. I'm am both sole trader...

  • Accountant - Trade of chemical products, LLP set-up (T/O £300K+)

    Amber Valley

    Trade of chemical products, consultation to open bank account, assist to open the LLP and assist to get...

  • Annual accounts & tax returns - Contractor in Construction/Building, Ltd

    Dundee City

    I'm looking for an Accountant who can fill in my annual tax returns and accounts. I work as a contra...

  • Accountant to certify accountant certificate for mortgage purposes (one off)


    I am a small accountancy practice and have a client who is looking to certify a accountant certificate...

  • Accountant to check if the filing is done correctly - Charity (T/O £100K+)


    I'm looking for an Accountant who can come in an check if I'm doing the filing correcntly. Accounts for...

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