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Recent enquiries
  • Annual accounts - Music production studio, Sole Trader

    East Renfrewshire

    Music Production Studio.

  • Accountant - Contractor, Ltd (T/O £100K+)


    I've been working as a contractor in the UK for 1 year and a half. In mid September I am going to stop...

  • Accountant - Driving instructor, Ltd


    Will be a self employed Driving Instructor so I will need somebody to do my book keeping for me for my...

  • Annual accounts - Health / beauty, Sole Trader


    Year end accounts for 2016 - 2017.

  • Accountant - Construction / building, Ltd

    East Devon

    I need an accountant to do my books, VAT and end of year tax return.

  • Accountant - Retail / trade, start-up Sole Trader


    Advice on accounting requirements for a new start up business.

  • Accountant - Retail / trade, Sole Trader (T/O £100K+)

    North Ayrshire Mainland

    Looking for someone to complete yearly accounts and submit tax return on an ongoing basis.

  • Accountant - Locum Veterinary Nurse, Ltd set-up


    I am a locum Veterinary Nurse and am currently working with an umbrella company but I am interested in...

  • Accountant - Leisure, Ltd (T/O £1M+)


    Monthly management accounts. We keep everything in spreadsheets.

  • Accountant - Food / beverage, start-up Ltd


    I have a new start-up limited company less than 1 year and I am the only director. I am already using...

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