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Recent enquiries
  • Accountant - Food / Beverage, Sole Trader

    Hinckley and Bosworth

    Hog Roast Company. 60-80 bookings a year. Need an accountant for booking keeping. Send my receipts too....

  • Annual accounts - Administrator / nanny, Sole Trader


    Im working like an administrator for a company two days a week and 3 days like an employee nanny.

  • Accountant - Consulting / business services, Ltd


    I need to file my corporation tax but my business didn't have any money coming in or going out during...

  • Final accounts - Construction/building, Ltd


    Final accounts to HMRC, close company and final tax return to HMRC.

  • Accountant - Contractor, start-up Sole Trader


    New start contractor looking for general advice.

  • Audit of accounts - Charity (T/O £100K+)


    Quote for preparing end of year accounts and auditing.

  • Accountant - Cleaning company, Ltd set-up

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Looking forward for some guidance on how to start a small cleaning business. I have been to some accountants...

  • Accountant - Online school, Ltd


    An online English language school.

  • Accountant - Promotions, Ltd (T/O £100K+)


    Our company does promotional works. All work relating to bookkeeping, accounts, VAT and tax for company...

  • Accountant - Pharmaceutical, Ltd set-up

    West Berkshire

    I work in the Pharmaceutical industry and will be moving from a permanent job to a contracted position...

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