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Recent enquiries
  • Accounts, bookkeeping, payroll & tax return - Ltd (T/O £100K+)

    Tower Hamlets

    Accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, tax return.

  • Accounts, tax, payroll & administration - Food/Beverage, Ltd


    I need payroll for 4 employees, company pension, administration, corporation tax and personal tax returns....

  • Annual accounts & PAYE - Agriculture, Ltd


    Annual accounts and PAYE, 2 employees.

  • Annual accounts - National & international events co., Ltd

    South Somerset

    Annual accounts for national and international events.

  • Final accounts - Mobile food business, Ltd


    I need to close down a company no longer in use and carry out annual accounts for mobile food busine...

  • Tax, advice & bookkeeping - Sports, Ltd


    I have my own company as a professional athlete and need help with tax, advice, bookkeeping, etc.

  • Annual accounts, tax & VAT returns, payroll & advice - Media, Ltd (T/O £300K+)


    General requirements are: payroll, VAT returns, Annual accounts, tax returns, and general over the phone...

  • Accounts & CT600 + poss bookkeeping in the future - Online Retail, Ltd


    I have a new UK online retail, LTD company and require filing of my CT600. I use Free Agent software...

  • Accountant - Manufacture products for building/construction industry, LLP & Ltd (T/O £2M+)


    20 year established manufacturing business, approx. 30 employees running as an LLP with Ltd Co in background...

  • VAT returns & annual accounts from this point on - Travel/Leisure, Ltd by guarantee (T/O £100K+)


    Our accounts are currently up to date and we have recently submitted a VAT return but we now require...

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