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Recent enquiries
  • Accountant - Gym business, Ltd (T/O £100K+)

    Bristol, City of

    I want to buy a gym business by share purchase and I want an accountant to analyse the management accounts...

  • Accountant - Motor trade, Ltd set up


    New motor trade, will get registered with the Companies House on June 1. Prefer accountant with experience...

  • Accountant - Cleaning, Ltd


    Hello, End of first year accounts are required for the cleaning business. These are now overdue as they...

  • Accountant - Repair shop, Ltd set up


    Require advice starting limited company. It's going to be repair shop and just myself, no other employees....

  • Accountant - Cleaning, Ltd


    Domestic and commercial cleaning company. We need regular accounts for Limited company.

  • Accountant - Retail, Ltd


    I run a small sweet shop and would like a company to do my accounts, check books and HMRC.

  • Accountant - Consulting, Ltd (T/O £100K+)


    Annual accounts for three businesses.

  • Accounts & payroll for 3 ppl - Education, Sole Trader


    I would require help with monthly payroll for 3 employees and maximum 4 in the future. And also I need...

  • Accountant - Dog daycare, Ltd set-up

    North East Lincolnshire

    Dog daycare, training and behaviour company just setting up. Need advice re annual end of year accounts...

  • Accountant - Cafe, Ltd start up


    Small cafe, bookkeeping and tax returns needed. No payroll, it's just me at the moment.

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