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Recent enquiries
  • Bookkeeping & payroll - 1 day/week (Ltd, T/O £1M+)

    Dundee City

    We are looking to change a bookkeeper as she's now a chartered accountant and shed moved forward with...

  • Bookkeeper - Bed & Breakfast, Sole Trader


    We have accountant so now we're in need of a simple bookkeeping to prepare for accountant. We work in...

  • Bookkeeper - Financial services, LLP (T/O £100K+)

    West Berkshire

    I am self-employed through my LLP and looking for an individual to take over the monthly bookkeeping...

  • Bookkeeper - Construction, Sole Trader -> Ltd. co.


    I am self-employed Sole Trader. I will be earning 60000 this year. Is it cost-effective to be a limited...

  • Bookkeeper - Retail/trade, Ltd (T/O £100K+)


    Bookkeeping, VAT, reconcile, invoicing.

  • Bookkeeper - Leisure, Ltd


    I need someone to keep my income and out goings in order. I already have a person covering my other ...

  • Bookkeeper - Museum, Non-profit org.


    Small museum with retail admission and other income as well as outgoings for expenditure, stock, purchase...

  • Bookkeeper - Consulting, Sole Trader set up

    North Norfolk

    Starting up advice on bookkeeping and generally setting up the business for a Sole Trader.

  • Bookkeeper - Vet, Sole Trader (T/O £80K)

    East Dorset

    Book keeper to prepare simple accounts for my chartered accountants for sole trader. Vet, gross turnover...

  • Bookkeeper - Ledger for 2 years & ongoing support (Ltd, T/O £100K+)


    I have completed my annual accounts but my accountant wants a ledger completing, not a spreadsheet. I...

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