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  • Tax assistance


    Company type: Sole Trader Type of business: Media Turnover of the operation to be reviewed: £25,000...

  • Accountant - Heating & plumbing, Ltd


    We are a heating and plumbing company and I need annual accounts and quarterly VAT doing. I do the day...

  • Accountant - Dentist, Ltd


    I am a Dentist who has been working as self employed until now but there has been a considerable rise...

  • Accountant - Street food, Ltd


    We have newly started in the street food business. Looking forward to your quotes for managing our a...

  • Accountant - Insurance, Sole Trader going Ltd

    Waltham Forest

    Accountant needed. Sole Trader, I may need to start a Ltd. company, but I need to speak to an accountant...

  • Accountant - Media, Ltd set-up

    City of London

    I just created a company and I need an accountant who runs the company, to register the company at HMRC. I...

  • Accountant - Construction / building, Ltd


    Advise on income tax, on company dividends, reclaiming corporation tax.

  • Annual accounts - Chartered surveyors, Ltd


    #Professional services. Chartered Surveyors. Limited company VAT registered for corporate clients and...

  • Annual accounts - Sports events organiser, Ltd (T/O £100K+)

    Castle Morpeth

    Sports events organiser, organising 10ks to marathon events. Need an accountant for our annual accou...

  • Tax assistance


    Self employed Agency Nurse needing tax returns and self assessment.

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